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Wedding Photography Janie Barclay Photography

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An amazing family owned wedding photography business run by professionals. The beauty of their work shines through with each piece shown. Whether you visit Facebook to see what their latest work is, or watch videos on YouTube, it comes down to one simple thing; Stunning! For low prices you get one of the three in the family to photograph your needs.

There are no rules, and it shows in the work from Janie Barclay Wedding Photography. The fabulous workmanship that blossoms off the page, can only be described as a work of art, time and time again.

After their photography is done, they take the photos and combine them into a stylish Italian album that is centered around you. Unique and quality driven, each design is fit for your tastes and style, as well as the wonderful skill of Janie Barclay Photography.

If you haven’t had the time to check out the site and the social media of these amazing photographers, you really should. You won’t regret it, and when you have a moment, contact them for more information. Your wedding can’t afford to not have them there.


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Tips for filing bankruptcy in Orange County, Ca

2013-09-02 07:16:53 admin

If you find yourself in a situation whereby bankruptcy is an option, you may decide to take this route after doing careful research. To file for bankruptcy in Orange County, California, it is important that you follow the instructions provided by the Courthouse.

You should gather as much information as necessary before you begin the process. Once you are ready, you can then complete your filing at the Orange County bankruptcy court. All the information you need are available at their website.

Visit the website of the Orange County bankruptcy court to learn about the procedure and download the necessary forms and instructions. Take your time to go over the instructions and then complete the forms.

When filing for bankruptcy in Orange County, you will be required to provide detailed information about yourself. For example, you will have to provide your name, contact details and tax identification number. You also have to identify whether you are filing as an individual or a business. Your filing should normally list the number of creditors you owe as well. Also, you will need to provide the names and addresses of your creditors and information about your financial situation.

In many cases, counseling will be required. Find out if you are required to attend pre-bankruptcy counseling. If you are asked to attend counseling, make sure you find an authorized bankruptcy counseling class to attend. Follow the instructions provided and complete the counseling.

When completed and filed properly, your bankruptcy petition gives the court the information they need to begin evaluating the bankruptcy case.


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How to pick a Dirndl dress for Munich Oktoberfest

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No dress can compare with the historic, cultural, and downright sexiness of the German Dirndl. Join in Munich’s annual Oktoberfest celebrations in the local dress. Our extensive online store offers all that you could need to outfit yourself in Trachtenmode and Landhausmode: traditional-style German fashion and country-style German fashion.

Never owned a Dirndl before? Not to worry–you will look just like a local when you shop with Laundhaus Boutique. There are several pieces to the Dirndl: the blouse, the bodice, the apron, and the skirt. There are also two-piece dresses now part of Landhausemode, or German Country Fashion. Initially worn in the 1800s by servants, the traditional full-length skirt, the Maxi-Dirndl, is still worn by many women in the German countryside. A newer, modern spin on the original dress brought the Midi-Dirndl (just below the knee) and the Mini-Dirndl (just above the knee). The traditional colors are black, blue, soft pink…but today, any color and texture is available!

The Trachten accessories are, of course, as important as the dress itself–check out our wide selection of necklaces, shoes, socks, purses, bras, hats and more. Prost!


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Tips for filing bankruptcy in Orange County, Ca

2013-08-01 15:07:02 admin

When a person who lives in Orange County, CA files for bankruptcy they often feel overwhelmed by the process that they are facing. It is important for people to educate themselves on the bankruptcy filing process. Here are four tips on filing for bankruptcy.

The first tip is for a person to consult with a bankruptcy lawyer in Orange County. Lawyers can help people handle their bankruptcies. The U.S. bankruptcy code has a lot of information which can be hard for people to get a thorough grasp of. Lawyers can aid people in the process of putting together all of the required documents.

The second tip is for individuals to have their finances evaluated by an accountant. Bankruptcies negatively impact a person’s credit score for a decade. This means that people need to have their personal finances evaluated so that they can have a plan to follow when their debts get discharged.

The third tip is for people to contact their creditors and ask for current outstanding balances. This information as well as the names of the creditors, their addresses and the account numbers has to be provided to the court during the filing process.

The fourth tip is for people to take an accounting of their assets. This includes cars, real estate, bank accounts, stocks and other items of value. The information has to be added to the forms and then evaluated by an attorney. The final step is to attend a hearing after the forms have been submitted. At this time, individuals are given a ruling on the filing.


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In order for a new idea to take root and take shape, there has to be the initial thought of what can be different in this world. They have to think of something different, unique, or interesting. There must be a creative element in bringing an idea to paper and then to tangible status. This description of need is, in its essence, innovation.

Innovation cannot be taught. It cannot be forced. It is an inherent ability to see a need and meet it. It is here that advancement in technology and services are made. Though not able to force it, the chances for innovation can be sparked. For instance, brainstorming sessions can be a great way for businesses to allow for creativity, stretch the mind, and begin to get the innovative thoughts of their employees flowing. Innovation, however, need not be tied previously to any business. It can be as spontaneous and sporadic as the individuals who are coming up with the ideas. Inventors like Edison and Gates are known to have an innovation that could not be restricted by time or space or company. It was an ability and an inherent need to follow through on a thought. The life of an innovator can be exhausting, but also exciting and highly beneficial to the greater world. 

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